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O'Doul's Original Non-Alcoholic Beer 12 pack 12 oz. Can
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O'Doul's Original Non-Alcoholic Beer

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12 pack 12 oz. Can

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Category Non-Alcoholic Beer
Origin United States, Missouri
Brand O'Doul's
Alcohol/vol 0.5%
If you know malt beverages, one taste of O'Doul's will tell you everything. O'Doul's is a beautiful, all-natural, full-bodied premium non-alcoholic malt beverage. It contains only the finest natural ingredients - including barley malt, domestic and imported whole cone hops, brewer's yeast, select grains and water. The only difference between O'Doul's and other malt beverages is that the alcohol has been gently and naturally removed after the maturation process. The reason it tastes so good is very simple; it's an outstanding premium brew.
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