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Deerhammer Distilling Company Straight Bourbon 750ml
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Deerhammer Distilling Company Straight Bourbon


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When it comes to grain-based spirits, bourbon is the barrel-aged essence of America. For Deerhammer Straight Bourbon, we achieved a specific taste of place, by utilizing grains grown in both the San Luis Valley and the four corners region of Colorado. Deerhammer Straight Bourbon features a 4-grain recipe comprised of Colorado corn, San Luis red spring wheat, cold smoked oats, and roasted barley. This mindful blend harkens towards a classic bourbon, while firmly laying challenge to preconceptions of the style. Such a unique recipe is furthered with a traditional sour mash, four days of open-air fermentation, direct-fire pot still distillation and finally aged for a minimum of 2.5 years in toasted #2 char virgin oak. The end result is a decisively Colorado bourbon with qualities that echo the signature profile Deerhammer has become known for - deep complexity of flavor and a tremendously enduring finish.

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