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Black Magic Spiced Rum 750ml
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Black Magic Spiced Rum


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Category Spiced Rum
Origin Canada
Brand Black Magic
Alcohol/vol 47%
Proof 94.00
21st century rum is appreciably better than the kill-devil pirates and navy-men drank in the 17th and 18th centuries. A spirit made from sugarcane or its byproducts, rums today are refined and range from clean-tasting, light rums that feature their cane spirit base, to flavorful dark rums, and aged rums that rival great cognacs and whiskies. Black Magic, in particular, is a blend of light and dark rums with a secret blend of various spices, crafted to be more versatile than other brands, for your enjoyment and adventure. Enjoy its full flavor sipping or shooting it neat, or try your hand at mixing a cocktail. Start with our cocktail recipes as an inspiration and then get as creative as you'd like. Or ask your local bartender to make Magic with it!

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